We organized a seminar based on work-based learning (WBL) for the students and trainers of Vocational High School and Technology Faculty of Tarsus University on 6 March 2019. Firstly, we gave an overview of the term WBL used throughout the literature, education and industry. , as well as outlining case studies of work-based learning modules currently  developed by IN.APP.ME. WBL project. Then, we discussed the rationale for conducting WBL, the varieties of approaches to work-based learning that are currently implemented, and student opinions of WBL.  There are many approaches to developing WBL modules, courses and projects that utilize learning at, learning for, and learning through work.

This seminar aimed to provide the participants with a general idea of how work-based learning is approached and how module outlines can be created and adapted to appeal to vocational education organizations, employers and learners.  During the discussion session, participants provided their feedback and evaluation. One of the important evaluation addressed   the variety of “the learner and collaborative centered approach to ensure the WBL.  Especially, it was mentioned that the internet tools have already revolutionized learning for many people and technological developments lead to immense changes in learning approachment. The learner can collaborate with structural courses, videos and applications embedded in internet which include work-based practices labeled “how it is made”, as well as “learning how to learn”. For example; MOOC (Massive-Open-Online-Courses) courses have been developed not only by education and training centers, but these courses have also developed by the companies and sectors for their needs to be linked work-place practice and academic contents.

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