Active Teaching Methods in Work-Based Learning Processes


Active Teaching Methods in Work-Based Learning Processes

Last month there was a second transnational meeting of the Erasmus Strategic Partnership + INAPPME WBL in Targoviste, Romania. The Italian partners were ilmiofuturo, "P. Levi” Institute of S. Egidio alla Vibrata (TE) and Faraone Industrie SpA.


During the meeting they were presented two important documents that constitutes the intellectual output:
The curriculum that will be the basis of a training course for VET school teachers and in-company tutors, and a Study Guide which is the basis for learning that will take place in a diversified way:

  • Self-learning using selected training materials;
  • Face-to-face during the first learning activity planned in Italy for the first week of October 2019;
  • Job-Shadowing which will be carried out by the VET School partner teachers at companies in each country.

During the meeting the “inquire based cycle” was introduced. This will be the pathway, used by the project partners, for the improvement of the work-based learning process. The participants of each country defined their specific improvement-themes and started the conception of a Development Task.

This will be completed in September after a review; the review will take place in Ankara during the third transnational meeting of the project (end of august 2019).

At the moment a bibliography is being prepared on active teaching methods belonging to Inquiry Based Learning approach. The material will be published on the project website:

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