All the world under-19 Covidien domain pandemic, some other influences in Turkey, where all levels of daily life and education. come to the agenda of effective against pandemic that started on March 16, 2020 a general direction of closing all schools in Turkey, face to face training gradually began again on October 12, 2020. However, in all cases due to the increase Covidien-19 face between Turkey November 18 2020- December 31, 2020 date was interrupted education. With the new decision, education in all secondary schools is education as distance education.
The main theme of Dikmen MTAL Development Plan is good school and industry. Under this main theme, many activities have been planned for both teachers and students in the "INAPPME-WBL" project. Teacher trainings prepared within the scope of the project for 2019-2020 Education were held in the first half. As another activity, on-the-job training (Job shadowing) for teachers in businesses was completed in February 2020, where teachers will learn what they need in the institutions they choose. The teachers planned that they could both collaborate with the business world and universities and transfer others' knowledge and skills to real life. In these activities, teachers used Kolb's "Experiential Learning" (Experiential Learning) theoretical framework to organize student activities where they would try the knowledge they learned in daily life under the guidance of the teacher in the education of their own learning. Within the scope of the project, teachers had the opportunity to hold seminars and field trips with the business world and academicians and exchange ideas.
Dikmen MTAL completed all these items during the pandemic, face-to-face education in schools. It has realized new configurations that will provide up-to-date information on domestic education for face-to-face education, up-to-date information of the industrial establishments with which the school collaborates, and negotiated with new institutions to increase cooperation. In this article, new cooperation agreements have been made and new fields and branches have been opened in order to train employees to learn and respond to in the business world.
The activities provided within the scope of the project continue in the distance education institutions of the schools. Within the scope of the "Inappme-Wbl" project, the second teacher training will be carried out on December 16-17, 2020. In this training, there will be two participants from Dikmen MTAL teachers.

  Yayın Tarihi 15.12.2020