Project restart after the COVID19


INAPPME WBL - Project restart after the COVID19

After the fourth on-line transnational meeting, on last March all the VET Schools participating to the Strategic Partnership INAPPME WBL suspended their ordinary activites due the COVID19 Lockdown.  They continued until the end of the school year through the distance learning activities. They also suspended the Pilot Tests (A5) about the implementation of the collaborative and learner centered teaching method through their development plan conceived during the project.

Last weeks the coordinator, Ilmiofuturo, shared with the partners the current situation of the Pilot Tests implementation. All partners shared also to ask, to the Italian National Agency, the postponing of the project deadline, from September 30th 2020 to April 30 2021.

The partners hope to restart the Pilot Test on the next September.

  Yayın Tarihi 20.07.2020