Kick off meeting of the Erasmus + project "INAPPME WBL"

The Kick off meeting of the Erasmus + project "INAPPME WBL" (2018-1-IT01-KA202-006882) held in Helsinki at the Haaga Helia University ended on Friday, November 24th.

The meeting was a moment of deep study on pedagogical methods that promote learning from experience by activating each student's talents. The experiential approach has been explored also immersed in specific methods, from the Inquire-Based Learning to the Project based learning and to the Problem based learning. The Haaga Helia University has also emphasized the use of methods based on simulation such as Simulation-based learning and mixed learning methods (Blended), online and in the classroom-laboratory.

The partners from here to March 2019 will develop a training course available on a platform for learning directly to the teachers of the VET schools involved in the project (there is also the "Primo Levi" Omnicomprehensive Institute of S.Egidio alla Vibrata) that will realize a learning path that will also include a job-shadowing phase at a company. At the kick-off meeting there were also the three partner companies, including the Italian Faraone Industrie SpA.